About the centre

National Centre for Sámi Language in Education is a resource centre at Sámi University College for Applied Sciences. It is a resource centre specifically geared towards the education system from primary stage to higher education. The centre works widely to increase reading, writing and speaking in Sámi language in the population. Our work is in and for all the three Sámi learning languages in Norway; South-Sámi, Julev-Sámi and North-Sámi.

National Centre for Sámi Language in Education is working to collect, build up, systemize, maintain and disseminate information, research results and studies on reading, writing and speaking Sámi language to all levels and instances which have responsibilities concerning education of Sámi children and young people.

Our main area of work is within teaching of reading and writing and oral language development. This includes to strengthen and promote the use of oral Sámi language in the education system, knowledge about multi linguistics and language revitalization, and to communicate knowledge on reading and writing. We also work with research and development activities related to these fields. National Centre for Sámi Language in Education offers a variety of courses, counselling and guidance adapted to all the levels of education.

We also work to find collaborators on different levels and fields both nationally and internationally, with other institutes or instances which work on matters related to teaching Sámi oral and written language or work on education in minority or indigenous language teaching.